Publication Ethics

The University of Tampa Press is committed to following ethical standards for publication and therefore follows the Committee on Publication Ethics guidelines. Below is a condensed version of our expectations and commitments.

Editor Responsibilities

  • Complete editorial duties without bias or discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality, religious or political beliefs, ethnicity, citizenship, or geographical location of authors.
  • Acknowledge and prevent potential conflicts of interest from an author, reviewer, or editor.
  • Find appropriate and qualified reviewers for each submission and communicate reviewer guidelines.
  • Uphold anonymity of authors and peer reviewers, if required by a journal’s peer review process.
  • Communicate with authors and share the status of a submission and feedback in a timely fashion.
  • Issue appropriate corrections or retractions if errors are discovered in a published work.
  • Follow COPE’s recommendations in cases of suspected misconduct or disputed authorship.

Peer Reviewer Responsibilities

  • Enhance a journal’s publication quality by thoroughly and objectively critiquing manuscripts.
  • Disclose any potential conflicts of interest to the editor.
  • Identify published work that is similar but not cited in manuscripts under review and report any concerns about plagiarism to the editor.
  • Uphold confidentiality of manuscripts under review.
  • Complete review within a reasonable amount of time and communicate with the editor about review extensions or withdrawal.

Author Responsibilities

  • Confirm that a submitted manuscript is original and not under consideration elsewhere, unless the journal accepts simultaneous submissions.
  • Be prepared to share raw data during editorial review and with the public, if appropriate.
  • Disclose any research funding.
  • Cite all content from other sources and obtain appropriate permissions when reproducing content.
  • Notify the editor or publisher immediately if a significant error is discovered in a manuscript/published work and assist in amending or retracting the work.
  • Inform the editor in writing about withdrawing a submission.