A Hunger With No Name by Lauren C. Teffeau – September 20, 2024

“Lauren C. Teffeau’s A Hunger with No Name is a powerful story of survival—personal, ecological, and cultural—in the presence of overwhelming technological power. The textures and politics of Teffeau’s world are so finely wrought, the relationships so carefully crafted, that I could almost taste the starlight and feel every connection and disconnection. A powerful and important story filled with mystery and heart.” —Fran Wilde, Nebula-winning author of Updraft and the Gemworld series


“A heartfelt coming of age story about a girl made of starways and ancient stories who must decide what matters when her people and their way of life face annihilation. A reminder to us all of what it means to be human and in community and how far one girl will go to save her world. A thought-provoking meditation on what is lost and what is gained when we rely on technology to save us.” New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Roanhorse


“A powerful environmental fable with a headstrong heroine, Teffeau’s tale of a nomadic desert people forced into a high-tech city offers a glimpse into a unique fantasy world, and a testimony to the crucial cultural impact of storytelling.” —Sarena Ulibarri, author of Another Life


“In A Hunger With No Name, Teffeau navigates the weave of mythology with respect for the indirect wisdom it conveys. She faces hard truths of resource stripping with an unflinching eye that anyone living in a water-scarce environment will recognize, and with an equally unflinching hope.” —Sara A. Mueller—award-winning author of The Bone Orchard




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Thurava of Astrava is intended to become a herder, a most honored position for her dwindling community that clings to life on the banks of the Najimov, the river that’s the lifeblood of the high desert. But the Glass City on the horizon threatens the delicate balance the Astravans have managed to hold on to for centuries, polluting the air and water as the city grows bigger and bigger. The Glass City’s clockwork liaisons offer to bring the Astravans into the Glass City’s walls, but they will have to give up their ways and their precious herds to do so. Thurava must decide who she is without her animals, using the stars as her guide, putting herself on a collision course with the secrets the Glass City holds dear.

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