Captain Chicano Draws a Line in the American Sand by Stephen Gutierrez – August 15, 2024

“Gutierrez breaks hearts with Captain Chicano and its superhero “wearing his chones on the outside of his tights like they all do” while delivering heroism the way we most need it right this very damn minute. Here is today’s reality in all its viciousness mixed with a supreme, kind, hilarious truth. Gutierrez’s wry and savvy humor makes the righteous medicine of Captain Chicano’s wisdom go down like whiskey—including the kick. In Captain Chicano every page reverberates so strongly with the dangerous pulse of the American Dream, it makes you think it could still be alive.” —Tupelo Hassman, gods with a little g


Captain Chicano Draws a Line in the American Sand is not only about America (as you might guess from its title), but also about writing, ethnicity, love, belief, and, as a bonus, includes a channeled Edgar Allan Poe. All this is miraculously held together by a narrator who manages to remain cheerful, amiable, disheveled, and deadly serious even as he tackles his real subject: The Human Condition. To paraphrase Gutierrez’s own words: ‘This vato can sling a gun’ (or a sentence, or a paragraph) ‘like Shane in a heartbeat.’”  —Jim Krusoe, author of The Sleep Garden


Captain Chicano Draws a Line in the American Sand is mad, unruly magic. It’ll blow your mind and change the way you view the world, one wildly inspired line at a time.”  —Elizabeth McKenzie, author of The Dog of the North



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Captain Chicano is out to save the country! White supremacy is on the rise and he is the only one capable of beating it with a secret weapon. Love. But will it work? His own life isn’t so great, beset by superhero insecurities and Chicano doubts. What is a Chicano superhero supposed to do? How is he supposed to act? Luckily, he and the narrator, engaged on his own quest to write a gothic account of America, of its present crisis of democracy and demographics, team up, and create a bigger mess, and a better time together. Luckily for them both, Edgar Allan Poe is interested in the project, and makes a series of haunting appearances, sad and comical and serious, to help the tale along. But will the nation really be saved from its own demons and survive the extremism in the air? The answer is surprising and poignant.

Captain Chicano Draws a Line in the American Sand is the inaugural work of our novella series, Pomme.

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