Genius Loci

“Lance Larsen’s fourth collection of poems is as beautifully curated as an art exhibition. Each poem impresses itself of mind and eye and heart like an object brilliantly made and suddenly essential, suddenly neccessary. Wry wit, perfectly etched lines, and a talent for finding poems in unexpected places are hallmarks. His is an important, clarifying voice that you don’t want to miss.” –Kelly Cherry, author of The Retreats of Thought: Poems

“These small, smart treasures dazzle us every time. Deceptively simple observational moments offer themselves up with such inviting clarity that we are, to our benefit, startled by a world turned around in the hand—‘An elevator waiting to be translated into a school bus,’ for example. The poems live their bigger stories to be sure, but imaginative, quiet epiphanies make them feel surprising at every turn.” –Alberto Ríos, author of The Dangerous Shirt

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