Studies in the Fantastic [#15]

Contents for this issue include “Danger! Do Not Touch: Viral Transmission, Tactile Object Disrecognition, and the Annabelle Series” by Larrie Dudenhoeffer; “From Calvinism to Consumerism: The Persistence of Patriarchy in Robert Eggers’s The Witch (2015) and Anna Biller’s The Love Witch (2016)” by M. Keith Booker and Elisabete Lopes; “Fabricant, It’s What’s for Dinner: Tracing Industrialized Slaughter through Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, Tillie Olsen’s Yonnondio: From the Thirties, and David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas” by Stephanie Lance; “Bleeding All over the Shelves and Tracking It Out into the World: Theorizing Horror in the Indigenous North American Novels The Only Good Indians and Empire of Wild” by Hogan D. Schaak; Reviews: “‘You kids have fun’: Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022)” by Eilidh Harrower; “A Retro Review: Black Demons (1991)” by Stefany Stettler; Book Review: “Stephen King’s Fairy Tale (2022)” by Christina Connor.

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