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Studies in the Fantastic [#7]

Guest Editor’s Introduction: No More Room in Hell: Reanimation, Consumption, and Undead Media
By Sonia Lupher

Global Racial Capitalism and the Asian American Zombie in Ling Ma’s Severance
By Aanchal Saraf

#1BillionForThriller: Revival of “Dead” Content on YouTube
By Kelsey Cummings

Fungal Zombies and Tentacular Thinking: The Chthonic Mother in the Game The Last of Us
By Geneveive Newman

Pressing Rewind: New Encounters with Analog Memories in Ross Sutherland’s Stand By for Tape Back-Up
By Jordan Z. Adler

If the Goo Sticks: Streamlining Slime with Goosebumps on Canada’s YTV Network
By Pat Bonner

“Living Hell”: Fulci’s Eternal City
By Daniel Sacco

The Living Dead in Post-Soviet Cultural Consumption
By Denis Saltykov

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Studies In The Fantastic