Tampa Review 65

Fiction by Samuel Raphael Barber, Tamas Dobozy, Blair Benjamin, Jules Fitz Gerald, Anisha Bhaduri, and Jacob Reecher.

Poetry by Jon Davis, Martha McCollough, Jessica de Koninck, Christopher Munde, Amy Fleury, Andrew Nance, 2022 Tampa Review Poetry Prize winner Katherine Gaffney, Charlie Peck, Darien Hsu Gee, Iain Haley Pollock, Therese Halscheid, Carrie Shipers, Kate Hanson Foster, Stephen Tuttle, Benjamin Harnett, and John Whalen.

Nonfiction by Katherine Busatto and Abriana Jetté.

Translation by Jonathan Simkins.

Cross-Genre work by Caleb Shaver.

Art by Sandra Hunter, Mike King, and Andy Kehoe.

Interview with Leslie Vega and cover artist Andy Kehoe.


Paperback | $17.95