The Ideal Book

Three Essays on Books and Printing by William Morris | Edited with an Introduction by Dr. Richard Mathews

The founding of the Kelmscott Press by William Morris in the late 19th century reinvigorated the world of printing and book arts. Morris’s exceptional skill as a designer and printer owed much to his careful study of printing and its history. His knowledge served him well when he wrote his seminal essays on the subject. Richard Mathews, the Director of the University of Tampa Press and a fine printer himself, has selected three of those essays for this new collection. In his introduction, Mathews gives the reader background on Morris’s life and work, and also explores the great printer’s legacy. Though the book is produced digitally — with technologies that would seem alien to William Morris — there is a tribute to the traditions of fine printing in the form of a tipped-in frontispiece, hand-printed letterpress. Each copy of the book is individually numbered.

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