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Zephyrhills from A to Z

Zephyrhills has a rich history that is full of surprising facts and engaging anecdotes. The story of its people and what they have achieved is told here in a collection of articles arranged from A to Z, spanning more than a hundred years of dynamic change in the Sunshine State.

Read about the city’s earliest days in the late 1800s when it was known as Abbott; its settlement by Civil War veterans; the pioneer citizens who found happiness around idyllic Zephyr Lake; the successes and trials of the entrepreneurs who sought their fortunes in endeavors as diverse as manufacturing, the lumber industry, and roadside attractions. Follow the story from A to Z — from Abbott to Zephyrhills — and discover how a whistle-stop dot on the map grew into the charming “City of Pure Water,” whose name has become synonymous with the country’s best spring water.

The book is generously illustrated with nearly 100 photographs and other images.

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Vicki Elkins