Acquisition Announcement

A HUNGER WITH NO NAME by Lauren C. Teffeau

We are thrilled to announce that we’ll be publishing Lauren C. Teffeau’s novella, A Hunger with No Name, as part of our ongoing novella series, Pomme.

Thurava of Astrava is intended to become a herder, a most honored position for her dwindling community that clings to life on the banks of the Najimov, the river that’s the lifeblood of the high desert. But the Glass City on the horizon threatens the delicate balance the Astravans have managed to hold on to for centuries, polluting the air and water as the city grows bigger and bigger. The Glass City’s clockwork liaisons offer to bring the Astravans into the Glass City’s walls, but they will have to give up their ways and their precious herds to do so. Thurava must decide who she is without her animals, using the stars as her guide, putting herself on a collision course with the secrets the Glass City holds dear.

Keep an eye out for A Hunger with No Name in Fall 2024. In the meantime, be on the lookout for cover reveals and more to follow soon.

Lauren C. Teffeau was born and raised on the East Coast, educated in the South, employed in the Midwest, and now lives and dreams in the high desert of New Mexico. When she was younger, she poked around in the back of wardrobes, tried to walk through mirrors, and always kept an eye out for secret passages, fairy rings, and messages from aliens. She was disappointed. Now, she writes to cope with her ordinary existence. Her novel Implanted (2018, Angry Robot), mashing up cyberpunk, solarpunk, adventure, and romance, was shortlisted for the 2019 Compton Crook award for best first SF/F/H novel and named a definitive work of climate fiction by Grist. Her short fiction can be found a variety of professional and semi-pro speculative fiction magazines and anthologies. In addition to a bachelor’s degree in English, she also holds a master’s degree in Mass Communication and spent a few years toiling as a researcher in academia. To learn more, please visit