You Can’t Go Home Again

Mulder’s office from "The X Files". Image by Marcin Wichary from San Francisco, U.S.A. Creative Commons License

By Yuly Restrepo Garcés “Home,” the second episode of season four of The X-Files, and one of its most controversial, makes its intentions known from its first sequence: a disturbing home birth during a dark and stormy night is quickly followed by the burial of the baby, who is born with so many deformities that its survival will… Continue reading You Can’t Go Home Again

The University of Tampa Press Announces Pomme: A Novella Series

Pomme is currently closed to submissions. The University of Tampa Press is committed to offering publication opportunities for genres and modes of writing that have been overlooked in traditional publishing. Many university presses have imprints and series dedicated to publishing long-form works of fiction and nonfiction, as well as collections of poetry, but the novella… Continue reading The University of Tampa Press Announces Pomme: A Novella Series

Tales of the Fantastic: “Rusalki”

A short story by Chrissa Wolfe “The rusalki lure through their movement—spinning, dancing, and singing.” –Jack Zipes Everyone knows the best way to get rid of a body in Florida is to feed it to gators. Dixon had a favorite spot along the river. On special nights he brought his lady friends to this particular bend.… Continue reading Tales of the Fantastic: “Rusalki”