Studies in the Fantastic [#13]

Contents for this issue include “Ecological Weirding in the Fiction of Antoine Volodine and Jeff VanderMeer” by Christina Lord, “Goats on the Beach: Pulling the Wool over Our Eyes in Guy de Mauppassant’s Le Horla” by W. Bradley Holley, “Off White: The Horror of Abject Whiteness in H. G. de Lisser’s White Witch of Rosehall” by Suzanne Lynch, “Bi-lal Kaifa for the Weirding Way: An Encomium of Denis Villeneuve’s Adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune” by Kwasu D. Tembo, “Scrutable Monstrousness in Alex Garland’s Men (2022)” by Claire M. Class, and “A Retro Review: Monsters of Late-Stage Capitalism: Transylvania 6-5000 (Brought to you by the Good People at Dow Chemical)” by Joshua Waggoner.

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